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Meet Danielle McKenith, RN, BSN

Hey there, I’m Danielle, but most people call me Dani. I wear a few hats – I’m an RN, a wife, and a mom. I’d love to share with you the story of why I decided to become a Mama Coach.

The journey began after I became a mom myself. It was quite a solitary experience, even though I was never really alone. I felt like I was navigating uncharted waters. It all changed when I met a wonderful lactation consultant who truly saw me and understood what I was going through.

When I returned to my job as a pediatric nurse, I started seeing things from a fresh perspective – that of a parent. It suddenly clicked – I’m not the only one feeling lost, overwhelmed, and invisible in this parenting journey. That realization lit a fire in me.

I absolutely love helping parents find their way and feel more accomplished as they reach their goals. And guess what? You could be next! I can’t wait to get to know you and be a part of your parenting journey.

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